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Smart PDF Exporter: Cannot be scheduled by admin account which has the can_schedulepdf role?

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I can click on the green "Smart Export" under example dashboard smart_exporter_app/panel_grouping_with_charts and can get the pdf generated ok. But when I clicked on the Smart pdf Exporter Scheduler & after fill in the Name, cron schedule, emails, & click on Save button I'm getting

"To be able to schedule PDF export, you should have been assigned the role 'can_schedulepdf' , please contact an admin."

But I'm logged in as admin and the admin account does have can_schedulepdf role?
Looked for clues in splunkd.log, splunkd_access.log, scheduler.log but did not find any related events.
Please if anyone experienced issue & advise on a fix.


Any update,

We are having the same issue, we have even assigned the can_scehdulepdf role and same error as you

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