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ServiceNow Incident Integration: How to create/update incident using alert


I am using ServiceNow Incident Integration add-on to create/update incidents in ServiceNow. I have two alerts that runs on certain search conditions, alert_create_incident to create a new incident and alert_update_incident to close the incident. I am using the Correlation ID field for this and is working fine. Now the issue is with the Correlation ID set and the alert_create_incident runs next, it does not create a new incident but updates the previously closed incident state to new. I thought of running a script as alert action but end up with same situation: to set a dynamic correlation id for both the alerts.

Is there a way to generate the Correlation ID dynamically for each pair of create and update alerts. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee


ServiceNow add-on searches the incident based on its Correlation ID. Hence, the issue you are facing (re-opening the same incident) might be caused because you used a static correlation ID which refers to the same incident every time.

In order to create a new incident every time, you should use some unique field from your event in the Correlation ID. This will allow the ServiceNow add-on to create a new incident and prevent re-opening your closed incident

Hope this helps