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SNMP Modular Input: Why are SNMP traps received showing up as Hex garbage data?

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I have configured several different devices such as Cisco network switches, HP Storages, Citrix NetScaler and some others to send SNMP traps to SPLUNK. However, whatever comes in through the SNMP port is shown as hex garbage data, like:

"0\x82\xC1public\xA7\x82\xB2 \xB7".

A Splunk technician told me that the problem is that my Splunk needs a MIB called RFC1155-SMI, and in order to make it work, I would have to download the python module and insert it into the ta-snmp extension.

I placed the file within the folder in lots of different names and forms within the folder "G:\Splunk\etc\apps\snmp_ta\bin\mibs".

Still, Splunk shows the events in HEX.

The files could be audited reaching the URL below: [No malware, obviously].

How do I solve this?

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An update:

After putting the original IP address in the field "TRAP listener host", (in Data inputs » SNMP » "MyEntry"), the hex problem was solved. But the MIB still doesn't show up the info treated as it should be.

Could anyone share the MIB file that is supposed to be placed in the "G:\Splunk\etc\apps\snmp_ta\bin\mibs" folder?

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