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The optional "target" and "windowFeatures" params on the Redirector module do not seem to give me enough flexibility. Using "target" always requires something to be passed into the "spec" parameter. If the "windowFeatures" param is not supplied a default is provided. This implementation seems to always cause the redirected page to open in a popup window.

If there was a way to tell the Redirector module to use a "target" and not provide default "windowFeatures", then will have the possibility to open in a new tab depending on browser settings.


I have found in Firefox, that using the Tab Mix plugin will enable me to open all popups as tabs in a single Firefox window. In Tab Mix options selecting Links and then changing the drop down next to "JavaScript & Popup restriction:" to "Open all popups in tabs" will result in all of the clicked links in Firefox being opened as tabs in the same Firefox window as the tab where the link resides.

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Yep. It's on my list to find a solution. Since Redirector does its job from javascript, what it can use is, and so the target and windowFeatures params are simply direct arguments to that function.

However the problem that is inherently limited to opening new windows rather than new tabs. Worse, even for standard link clicks, whether to open a new window or a new tab is actually a browser setting and not something that the web application is traditionally able to control.

bottom line: It's in the queue. Not near the top but so that it should appear in a month or two and I'm fairly optimistic.

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