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Problems with OPSEC LEA



Our team update the version in Checkpoint from R77 to R80, The update failed and they did the roll back, but after that action we are not receiving logs from the device, we have the next error.

2019-02-05 00:58:37,468 +0000 log_level=ERROR, pid=16939, tid=Thread-1444,, func_name=get_logs, code_line_no=62 | [input_name="live_checkpoint_new" connection="checkpoint_fw_new" data="non_audit"]log_level=0 file:lea_loggrabber.cpp func_name:check_session_end_reason code_line_no:2159 :Session end reason: SIC ERROR 147 - SIC Error for lea: Authentication error

Thanks for your support.


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Error clearly indicate that it is authentication problem SIC Error for lea: Authentication error , you need to ask your Network Admin to generate new one time password in Checkpoint and use that new password in Splunk OPSEC LEA connection configuration.

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