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Problems in getting data from RabbitMQ into Splunk using AMQP

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My current status is: I got the log data successfully being written to my RabbitMQ queues, but I do not know how to configure the pull settings in the "splunk", I do not know if this is right to say so, to receive this in AMQP Modular Input.

I read about a configuration file for the connection, what folder do I put this configuration file and what is the name of this configuration file that I should create?

Current environment: My current environment is splunk on one machine, and my forwarder installed on another machine, do I need to install something from AMQP on the machine that is my forwarder? Or only on the machine that splunk is installed? both have a connection, I've done all the tests.

Forgive me, but I'm still a beginner, but I'm reading a lot.

Thanks for any help guys.

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whether you were able to fix the same? I am having the same issue.

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