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Problem with user roles in Palo Alto app

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Problem with user roles in Palo Alto app
I have two different roles, both inherited with user privilegies. Roles are: All_logs and Network_logs
Only difference between those roles are that All_logs have Restrict search terms: * and
Network_logs Restrict search terms: index=pan_logs

And the problem is with Palo Alto Networks app, users who belongs to All_logs role, everything is working fine, but users with Network_logs don't see anything with app, but search "index=pan_logs" works fine.
Why app doesn't show information? For example Threat Dashboard gives "Search produced no results" information under dropdown menus, and all panels give "No results found"

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This is more of a question about Splunk than about the App, but I can offer a few suggestions on things to check.

  1. Verify the logs are actually in the pan_logs index. This is not the default if using the new Palo Alto Networks Add-on

  2. Check that the Network_logs role can see the pan_logs index (or the 'All non-internal indexes' settings), and the pan_logs index is in 'Indexes searched by default'.

  3. Instead of using 'Restrict search terms', you can set the role to only see the 'pan_logs' index, which would have the same effect.

Since this is not an App-specific issue, but an issue with Splunk role settings and an index, you can also troubleshoot this with Splunk support by opening a ticket.

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Thanks for answer!

Some comments:
1. Yes, logs are actually in the pan_logs index
2. Network_logs can see pan_logs index, search index=pan_logs works fine with this role.
3. I made some changes to roles -> no Restrict search term and available index: pan_logs, and now app works, but this is not the solution I want to use. We have other issues, so we need the use 'Restrict search terms'

Splunk Support answered to me that this is app related question.

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