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Powershell scripts and SPLUNK_HOME


I have the Splunk Add-On for Microsoft AD deployed to my DCs which are running universal forwarders. The powershell scripts are failing to run because the environment variable SPLUNK_HOME is not set on the Windows boxes. The universal forwarder may not be installed on the same drive letter on these servers so I cannot really add set SPLUNK_HOME to the runpowershell,cmd command. What would be the best way to set SPLUNK_HOME on these windows servers? It is maybe 20 servers so I know I could hand touch each one to add it but I was hoping there was another way.

Also, is SPLUNK_HOME not a variable that the install of the UF would normally set?


You can use Powershell scripts or other scripts to set environment variable in n number of machines(same domain). And Powershell script can get the installed directory path.

Search forums to get handy scripts to perform.

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