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PonyDocs: Are there any plans for upgrades or further development?


I know this is kind of repeating a existing question "Has there been an update to the project?" --- Well, that was answered in Feb. 2017, and the latest commit on the GitHub page shows as one month later in March 2017. A lot has happened in three years. My own experience thus far has been this:

  • Ponydocs doesn't work with the latest version of Mediawiki (1.34.1 as of this writing) probably because:
  • The Ponydocs installation instructions don't match up with changes made in the way Mediawiki registers extensions, which is now done by using wfLoadExtension function in the LocalSettings.php file.
  • While Mediawiki works with PHP 7, Ponydocs doesn't remotely come close. Rules out my Ubuntu 18.04 server...

  • Ponydocs probably works with Mediawiki 1.24, as recommended in the installation instructions, except that my Ubuntu 16.04 server is running PHP5.5, while Ponydocs recommends that PHP 5.2 or 5.3 is used, which have since reached end-of-life.

So, to reiterate the question: Is anybody working on this? Are there any plans for upgrades to bring this into the modern era?

It looks like a fantastic piece of software, and just the solution I'd like to implement, but it would be nice to know where things are headed.

I suppose I could spin up a separate server to run much older software...


Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

There are some patches that you need to apply in order to make Ponydocs work with the 1.31.1 LTS
I will mention some of the most important ones:

  • /includes/page/WikiPage.php
    • L:1618 - !Hooks::run( 'PageContentSave', $hook_args ) || !ContentHandler::runLegacyHooks( 'ArticleSave', $hook_args ) (You need to bring back the LegacyHook method/invokes in the ContentHandler class too. )
  • Comment from includes/page/Article.php
    • Method: newFromWikiPage //$article->mPage = $page;
  • Modify: /includes/Storage/SqlBlobStore.php
    • L:501 $blob = !empty($obj->getText()) ? $obj->getText() : false;
  • Add /includes/MwUserUtility.php from MW1.27
  • You can use safely PHP >= 7.1
  • There are other few deprecated methods that you may require to add in order to make that Ponydocs version work for your particular skin.

We have an open discussion about supporting the latest MW as a community version in the next 6 months. We will keep the community updated!

Stay safe!

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