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Palo Alto App not showing Web Activity

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Sorry if this is a repetitive question (I didn't see anyone having this issue in the question board). I went through the instructions and did a test of eventtype=pan but it does not return any data; However, when doing a eventtype=*, I see the logs and the different source types (pan:traffic, pan:userid, etc.) - the time is correct comparable to the firewall and Splunk Server. Attempting to filter explicitly on one of those sourcetypes returns no data. In the Palo Alto Networks app, I do see some data like SaaS Applications. When going into File Activity, I see top apps and bytes transfered over time but everything else states "no results found" and the same for all fields in the Web Activity (even searching with "All time"). The firewall configuration comes up as well. This is a newly installed Splunk server (including the newly noob person using Splunk) that I'm using for home use for learning so any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance for your time and any assistance you could provide.

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