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PagerDuty App for Splunk: How to configure link from PagerDuty incident to Splunk?

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I’ve integrated pager duty and Splunk, and I’m successfully seeing alerts from Splunk in pager duty. However, when I go to an incident detail and click on “view in splunk,” I get an error saying “The site can’t be reached.”

I’ve noticed the hostname is wrong. It’s using splunk:8000 when it should be using my_splunk_hostname:8000.

Any ideas how I can configure the link? I've already asked PagerDuty support, but they suggested I ask here too.

alt text

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You need to update the hostname setting under alert_actions.conf (If you don't have a local alert_actions.conf, create one and add the stanza & hostname setting below)

Should look like this:

Here is the link to the relevant docs

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

My guess is that the alert action may not be sending the client_url string in the alert payload that Pagerduty need to build that link?

Splunk:8000 sounds like a default entry, perhaps check the script that the pager duty app has in its bin folder to see how it constructs the call to the pagerduty url? ( i will check in my lab and follow up)

I believe pagerduty provides the option to view he raw payload, can you post an example?

Splunks alert action args contain a results url that should work here. Is your Splunk instance available to the internet?

- MattyMo
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