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Ongoing Memory Issues With G Suite For Splunk


I'm encountering ongoing memory issues with the GSuite app for Splunk. Eventually consumes all memory on my heavy forwarder and causes other python scripts to crash.

ERROR ExecProcessor - Couldn't start command "python /opt/splunk/etc/apps/.py": Cannot allocate memory

I've got two Google Domains with matching modular inputs. The intervals for the inputs are as follows:

report:admin,report:rules,report:chat run every 600 seconds

report:calendar,report:token,report:mobile,report:groups,report:login,report:saml run every 14400 seconds.

report:drive run every 1200 seconds.

usage:user,usage:customer run every 86400 seconds.

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I will be looking at performance gains in the next version or two. If you have specifics on domain size ( users and activity levels), I might be able to use that to scale better. Thanks!

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