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OnTAP collection configuration - omit performance category,Does the current version of Splunk for OnTAP support onTAP 9.5?

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We are currently using Splunk App for DataOnTAP v2.1.9. We have configured our data collection to omit certain categories. One of the disabled categories is 'quota'. However, it appears that quota data is being collected. When I search for sourcetype=ontap:quota, it returns over a million events for the past 24 hours.

We would like to omit quota collection since it is unnecessary overhead since we do not use volume quotas in CDOT9.3.,Latest page for v2.1.91 indicates support for onTAP 9.4. Is 9.5 support expected soon?

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Hello @sputre,

it seems that this issue still exist in the current Addon for ONTAP version 3.0.1. Have you found a fix for that?

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