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Offline data of Splunk for * (For demo and presentation purpose)


How do I get offline data for popular templates?

I need them for demo and presentation purpose,

In addition offline data for PCI Compliance and ESS would be great,


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The majority of the apps actually ship with their own data generation tools. The PCI and ESS suites are not free to download, you will have to contact sales and arrange a demo, as they are paid add ons with bundled professional services.

Other apps however, such as the Splunk for Cisco Security app are free and include data generation tools.

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You can create a new app based on the sample_app that ships out of the box. It has sampledata used for populating and rendering graphs on dashboards in a sample index.

You can use this app as a sandbox box for sample and demo purposes. Go to... Manager -> apps -> create app. Fill out form and select sample_app. This will require a restart of Splunk.

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