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O365/Azure Logging Errors

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Hi, we had Azure and O365 logging setup but now it appears the add-ons have been broken out into two seperate apps. I'm trying to get them setup and get errors in both. In the O365 ap I setup the tenant but when I go to the input tab it has a "not found" error at the top of the screen. I've confirmed with our O365 guy that the tenant ID, Client ID and Secret Key were correct.

In the MS Cloud Services App I have things setup there and in the O365 Troubleshooting tab I have 3 total inputs and 0 invalid inputs and 2 accounts and 0 invalid accounts.

So I'm not sure what's going on. Has anyone had luck with the new apps?


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Re: O365/Azure Logging Errors

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We had this issue too.

I just ran through the documentation and walked thorough it with our 365 admin one step at a time.
We did have to change something which was missing for the new apps to run, but having just looked at the docs I cant remember what it was.

It only took us 5 mins to find it, so i'd just suggest stepping through the process carefully and it should jump out at you.

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