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None of the pre-build panels are working.

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I was able to index all of the GCP data - But somehow none of the "Panel" is working - Can anyone please check and confirm us back??


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I can confirm that in the newest version of this app installed on Splunk 7 none of the pre-built panels are working. After reviewing the searches I realized all of the field names in the searches are incorrect. As an example I had to change the pre-built panel called "GCP - Operation Count by User" to the following search to get it to work:

index=[your gcp index] sourcetype=google:gcp:pubsub:message data.logName="*activity_log" | rename as Username | eval Username=if(Username=="", "Unknown", Username) | stats count by Username data.jsonPayload.event_subtype | rename data.jsonPayload.event_subtype as "Event Type" | sort -count | rename count as Count | table Username, "Event Type", Count

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what is the message you see on the panels?
can you verify data is in and sourcetypes are correct?
are the index that the data in is searched by default by the role / user looking at panels?

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