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No labels showing in Vertical bar Chart

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

When creating a search which displayed as a vertical bar chart. It had labels for the Y-axis reflecting the fields used in search query.
However when saving that search as a dashboard panel the labels of fields values no longer show.

alt text

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This is expected behavior. When the height of a vertical axis is so small that the labels would overlap one another, they are all hidden instead. There is currently no configuration that will control this behavior. The fix is to specify a larger height for the dashboard panel.
To workaround this, edit the xml and add the below option inside the tag:

<option name="height">300</option>

The value of the vertical axis should be showing again.

alt text


This is really bad! Many customers are asking for dashboards or reports with bar charts and not being able to set a minimum height for each bar is putting Splunk in a really bad light!!!

No idea to change this in the future?!

Marco Scala


I agree, surely it is an easy change to allow for setting the height of each bar in the settings? This is causing issues with use cases where bar charts are dynamic. The worst part is that you would not know until the user pick it up from not being able to see the Y Axis values.

Can we get this fixed please?

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Path Finder

What if you don't know how many columns you will have to be able to work out a good height?

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Good answer. The simple solution was to cut down the "limit" -- mine was at 20, setting to 10 solved it. Thanks!

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