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No Records Found in Test Results in Splunk App For Jenkins

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What could be reason, test results not being populated on Splunk App For Jenkins.

  1. Do i need to write specific function in Jenkins Pipeline to post it to Splunk ?
  2. Is Splunk App for Jenkins not configured correctly for Test Results ?

Test Project do create surefire XML reports.

And also in Search Navbar , i dont see any counts for testCase and testsuite
page_num: 1
testsuite: { [-]
duration: 0
errors: 0
failures: 0
passes: 0
skips: 0
testcase: [ [+]
tests: 0
time: 0
total: 0

alt text

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Doing a cursory review of this app, it looks like it uses macros to define the indexes Splunk will search for the Jenkins data. You may need to adjust these values to match the indexes where you've sent the data to. You can adjust the values under settings --> advanced search --> search macros. Look at the leftmost column Name for the following entries.

definition = index="jenkins_statistics"

definition = index="jenkins_console"

definition = index="jenkins"
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