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NetApp ONTAP and VMware DCN and DCN Scheduler Architecture


Hello Splunkers,

We are deploying into an environment with ~100 Hosts, ~7000 VM's with collection from 6 vCenters. Additionally, we have approx 60 NetApp filers which we want to collect data from.

Planning for 5x 8 core/16GB RAM DCN's and a single DCN Scheduler on a stand alone Search Head.

It looks like it is unsupported to a DCN to collect from VMware AND ONTAP, but is it possible to have the DCN Scheduler to schedule both ONTAP DCN's and VMware DCNS?

E.g. 1 DCN Scheduler, 3x VMWare DCNs and 2x NetApp DCN's

Or is it better to completely separate these environments:
1 DCN Scheduler, 2x DCN's

1 DCN Scheduler, 3x DCN's


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hello there,

kindly read here:
looks like a DCN with 4 virtual cores and 6GB memory can handle up to 40 ESXI hosts whish in turn hold ~30 VMs.
so aprox 1200 VMs
as its mentioned in docs here:
always try your installation with a test environment first
in any case, considering your comapny made a nice purchase of app for VMware license, i would not hesitate to call your Splunk SE and have her draw an architecture for you.
would also suggest to use Splunk PS or a partner to install the apps and validate all the pieces are in the right place

hope it helps

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