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Nessus Manager Support in "Tenable Add-On for Splunk"


Hi all,

we are using Nessus Manager 8.3.x (with the api functionality). We don't get it to run with the Tenable Add-On. There are no plugins or scan results imported. We are using an "Tenable i.o" Account in the add-on as there is no option for Nessus Manager.

Also the Input Type is set to "Tenable IO". The only error we are getting from the add-on is:

ERROR pid=4376 tid=MainThread | Tenable Error: response: {"error":"The requested file was not found"}


ERROR ExecProcessor - message from "python C:\System\Splunk\etc\apps\TA-tenable\bin\" {"error":"The requested file was not found"}

  • Is Nessus Manager generally supported?
  • Are we using the right kind of "Tenable Account Type"? (right now:

The old "Splunk Add-on for Tenable (Nessus)" is working fine with the used Nessus Manager Version, but we have to switch to "Tenable Add-On" because of the "End of Availability" notification.

Hope someone is able to help us or has the same issue.



Hi nkeuning

Thanks for your information. That means we have to stay with the "Splunk Add-on for Tenable (Nessus)" and hope that the API doesn't change in the future (in Nessus Manager)?


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At this time we do not support or have plans to support Nessus, Nessus Manager, or Nessus Agents. Today the Tenable developed apps are built to support our enterprise platforms and If you'd like to see this feature added please work with your support rep to submit a feature request for future consideration.

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