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NameError: global name 'indexing_time' is not defined

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I've installed Splunkit 3.2 to run some tests. Indexing works great but searching failed with the following error. Any help is much appreciated.

[splunk@bigdata5 splunkit-server]$ python bin/
Preparing logger
[2014-09-18 08:11:48,415] ServerMain: Preparing server and test driver object
[2014-09-18 08:11:48,416] TestDriver: Preparing Pyro test driver object
[2014-09-18 08:11:48,416] TestDriver: Preparing results logger with CSV output enabled
[2014-09-18 08:11:48,416] TestDriver: CSV fields: ['timestamp', 'unixtimestamp', 'testname', 'testclass', 'host', 'thread', 'id', 'agentrun', 'clientrun', 'elapsed', 'runduration', 'username', 'eventcount', 'resultcount', 'timetofirstevent', 'timetosearch']
[2014-09-18 08:11:48,416] ServerMain: Starting pyro server thread
Nameserver running on
Pyro daemon running on
[2014-09-18 08:11:48,421] ServerMain: Starting watchdog thread
[2014-09-18 08:11:48,422] ServerMain: Starting in automatic mode
[2014-09-18 08:11:48,422] ServerMain: Waiting for 1 agent(s) to connect
[2014-09-18 08:11:49,237] TestDriver: User admin connected with id kHD0A from host bigdata4.sedemo.lab
[2014-09-18 08:11:49,237] ServerMain: 1 agent(s) connected!
[2014-09-18 08:11:49,238] SearchTestSetup: Reading scheduled
searches.txt for scheduled search strings, frequencies, and start/end times
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "bin/", line 626, in
File "bin/", line 572, in main
splunkitserver = SplunkItServer(properties=properties, logger=logger)
File "bin/", line 149, in _
'splunkitindexstatsidxtest' : 'index=internal perindexthruput series=\"splunkitidxtest\" | stats sum(kb) AS \"sumkb\" avg(eps) AS \"Average EPS\"| eval \"Average KBPS\"=sumkb/%f | table \"Average KBPS\" ,\"Average EPS\"'%indexingtime,
NameError: global name 'indexing_time' is not defined



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Re: NameError: global name 'indexing_time' is not defined

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

From the error it seems like there was something wrong with indexing test; either the indexing test result was not generated correctly/not there, or corrupted?

Check if bin/indexRecord.log is correctly written.

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