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Monitoring of Java Virtual Machines with JMX: How to monitor a FUSE ESB Jolokia input?

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I have managed to get the JMX app installed and am trying to monitor a FUSE ESB environment. This uses Jolokia to expose the jmx information, however, if I use the jmxServiceURL of
I get an error that the URL path must begin with /jndi/ or /stub/ or /ior/

How can I get it to monitor the jolokia input?

Kevin ,

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I am currently using the Splunk SPLUNK4JMX app to monitor my FUSE ESB environment. My process was to collect all the JMX urls from Hawtio first.

I then had to modify the config.xml inside the SPLUNK4JMX app with the following JMX paths. This should work fine for you, remember all ports need to be open from your splunk search head to your fuse servers.

The key for me was to use "jmxServiceURL"

sample of my input:

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The Jolokia JVM monitoring agent does not expose a JMX Service URL.

So you should use a different App that can connect to the Jolokia HTTP URL (http://host:port/jolokia) and retrieve the JSON responses.

I recommend the REST API Modular Input.

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