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Missing Amazon Web Services (AWS) Topology Search, vague documentation


AWS 5.1.1 Topology Splunk article (don't have the karma to link).
docs.splunk . com/Documentation/AWS /5 .1.1/User/Topology :

I don't see any such saved search in my Splunk AWS App and have added AWS Config, CloudTrail, and Config Rule inputs. Shouldn't it appear? Or is it a must to include every other input as well? To clarify, I'm not talking about the saved search automatically enabling itself, but rather showing up under Settings > Searches, reports, and alerts at all.

I'm also curious if "aws:config:notification" and "aws:config" types are treated interchangeably or not in the documentation. I have a lot of "aws:config:notification" source types and no pure "aws:config" types. The troubleshooting page for Topology (linked above) mentions that you should search for "sourcetype=aws:config" to ensure data is reaching Splunk; I'm unsure if "aws:config:notification" events are green or red flag for this.

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Hi, just curious if you resolved the missing Topology search issue, I'm encountering the same problem. As per documentation I have aws:config data, but i see no saved search  for Config: Topology Data Generator



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Update: aws:config is Config snapshots, which are different from aws:config:notification events.

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