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Mint splunk bugsense hybdrid app

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My project is using bugsense since a while now and has 3 "HTML 5" phonegap app. I can see the "HTML 5 " logo next to the name of the application in the dashboard. They work perfectly.

I need to create 2 new app but I can't find how those old "HTML 5" apps where created since I can only select "Android" or "IOS" in the dropdown after selectionning "add app". If I try to put the apikey of those "Android" projects, they get rejected with an error 500, while if I take one of the old apikey the request is accepted.
I can only conclude that the issue thus come from on how I created the apps.

Anyone can help me on what I'm doing wrong or what I missed ? Thanks for your help

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Re: Mint splunk bugsense hybdrid app

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hello - The HTML 5 SDK is no longer supported or maintained. You can learn more about supported platforms here.

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