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MS Windows AD Objects: Built-in macros not working


We recently upgraded to the Splunk TA for Windows 5.0.1
Afterwards, we realized that the MS Windows AD Objects app dashboards and reports stopped producing information.

I managed to "fix" most of the issues by modifying the original search macros:

AD Objects - Audit - Changes - Computers

| fields _time,user,src_user,src_nt_domain,dest_nt_domain,user_type,msad_action,signature,Correlation_ID,MSADChangedAttributes,AttributeLDAPDisplayName,AttributeValue,DN,dir_svcs_action,msad_action,Old_DN,New_DN
| eval adminuser=if(isnull(src_nt_domain),src_user,upper(src_nt_domain)."\\".src_user)
| eval dest_computer_subject=if(isnull(dest_nt_domain),user,upper(dest_nt_domain)."\\".user)
| `ms_ad_obj_msad-changed-attributes`
| stats list(MSADChanges) AS MSADChanges,values(Correlation_ID) AS Correlation_IDs by _time,adminuser,dest_computer_subject,signature,msad_action
| eval MSADChanges=mvjoin(MSADChanges, "########")
| eval MSADChanges=case(isnull(signature) AND isnull(MSADChanges),"Unknown Changes",isnull(signature),MSADChanges,isnull(MSADChanges),"Signature: ".signature,isnotnull(MSADChanges),"Signature: ".signature."########".MSADChanges)
| table _time,adminuser,msad_action,dest_computer_subject,Correlation_IDs,MSADChanges
| makemv delim="########" MSADChanges
| rename adminuser as "Administrator",msad_action as "Action",dest_computer_subject as "Target Computer ID",MSADChanges as "Changes"

depends on the macro:


Which has syntax:

    eventtype=ms_ad_obj_wineventlog_security [|inputlookup AD_Audit_Change_EventCodes WHERE change_category="Computer" | stats values(EventCode) AS EventCode by obj_type | format | table search] src_user_type="user"

When running this as-is, i don't get any events...
But I noticed, when adding the following index contexts, it works just fine:

index="windows" OR index="wineventlog"

The following macros were broken (among others):

  • ms_ad_obj_all_changes_base
  • ms_ad_obj_computer_changes_base
  • ms_ad_obj_gpo_changes_base
  • ms_ad_obj_group_all_changes_base
  • ms_ad_obj_group_changes_base
  • ms_ad_obj_group_membership_changes_base
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The Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure comes with a predefined role winfra-admin. The sole purpose of this role is to set the indexes msad, perfmon, windows and wineventlog as "Indexes searched by default. So the user who works with the Windows-App has permission to see all the events in these indexes.

If you do not have or use Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure, just create some simliar role and assign this to your user - then you should be fine without changing any of the out-the-box-reports, -macros and dashboards for the MS Windows AD Objects-App.

Here is the content of the default authorize.conf:

srchIndexesDefault = msad;winevents;windows;wineventlog;perfmon
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