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MS Windows AD Objects: After upgrading to 2.2 of the app, why are some dashboards not working?

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I've upgraded to version 2.2 of the MS Windows AD Objects app, but see there are a few dashboards not working any more. Dashboards like the AD Objects - Group Policy - Changes and AD Objects - Group - Changes. The input dropdowns like domain and the group to display is not building. Not the same search is used in the rest of the Group Policy and Groups dashboards to build the dropdowns

Am I missing something?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The scheduled search for gpo's was incorrectly disabled in the 2.2 version. I just released a 2.3 version, where this is fixed, if you want to upgrade.

Whether you upgrade or not, you will want to either rebuild the lookup using the Build AD Lookup Lists - Main dashboard or by running the AD Hoc - Build searches in the Configuration menu.

Also, if you don't want to upgrade then you will need to enable the ms_ad_obj_sched_sync_gpo search.

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