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Lookup File Editor app - doesn´t list lookups/kvstores in SplunkCloud



I love the Lookup File Editor app 

...but for some time it has behaved weird for me on our SplunkCloud instance, especially annoying in that it doesn´t list any of the lookups/kvstores ie /en-GB/app/lookup_editor/lookup_list is completely empty. I can´t tell you exactly when it stopped behaving but likely 4-5months ago, just haven´t had time to look into it...

There is an information icon in top right corner that upon clicking reads:
"Dashboard Updated

This dashboard has been updated. If you have any issues with this dashboard, contact the dashboard's owner. You can also temporarily
 open a previous view of this dashboard." 

That used to open up an list of the lookups and kvstores. But upon updating to latest version 3.5 today ( and subsequently uninstalling and reinstalling the app again in troubleshooting) now just gives me another blank list even when using the temporary link ie its not completely useless.

Sharing is "Global", Permissions set so "Everyone" has "Read" and "sc_admin" has "Write".
App is Enabled.
Health dashboards for "Status" and "Logs" doesnt say anything.
Tested to create lookups and kvstores in multiple apps both before and after, nothing shows in the list.

Any ideas on what is wrong? Any tips on what I can look for in troubleshoot would be apprechiated!

Best regards,

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That is a Splunk-supported app.  Since you've already done about as much as a Splunk Cloud customer can do, I suggest you contact Splunk Support for help resolving the problem.

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