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Is there any possibility to track data by source and host?


I have many hosts that send logs that end up in one index and each of them has three or two sources.
Sometimes data comes from a particular host, but not from all sources for this host.
Is it possible to track a source on a particular host that stopped sending data?

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This kind of requirements is now fully addressed by the concept of Elastic sources in TracKme starting version 1.2.x

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Greetings ,

This query will show you all index, sourcetype, and host combinations (in the _internal index only in this case) that reported data between 24 and 48 hours ago but not in the past 24 hours. Feel free to modify it to your liking.

                          | tstats count              where index=_internal earliest=-48h latest=-24h by index, sourcetype, host
| join type=left max=0  [ | tstats count as new_count where index=_internal earliest=-24h latest=now  by index, sourcetype, host ]
| where isnull(new_count)



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