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Is there an add-on to monitor and parse DNS logs from Windows 2012 R2 DNS servers?


I am looking for TA for DNS logs from 2012 R2 DNS servers. Would TA-DNSServer-NT6 work? I believe TA-DNSServer-NT6 was created for Windows 2008 R2 DNS Services.

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This doesn't seem to work for 2012 DNS Analytical logs. I have the following monitoring stanza but it's throwing an error.

'WinEventLogChannel::subscribeToEvtChannel: Could not subscribe to Windows Event Log channel ‘microsoft-windows-dnsserver/analytical errorCode=15009’

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Did you find a solution for reading the Microsoft-Windows-DNSServer/Analytical logs? It's my understanding from this article that the analytical log can't be read "online" if circular logging is enabled.
Error when enabling Analytic or Debug event log: "The requested operation cannot be performed over a...

One solution might be to switch the event log to manual clearing and configure the Splunk add-on to do that log clearing. I'm not sure if that's a feature of the add-on.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

download splunk app for windows infrastructure then dive to appserver then to addons then you will find DNS TA and other usefull once ....

good luck

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