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Is there a way to dynamically change the color of an node icon or label ?


Is it possible to use rangemap within "Flow Map Viz"?
I'd like to change color of the node icon or label text depending on the range value.

Thank you for the great app "Flow Map Viz"


Hi @polak

Yes you can do either of these things. When you produce the table of data for this viz, each row should be either a node row (has a column called "node") or it should be a path row (either a column called "path" or columns "from" and "to"). Depending on if you want to color paths or nodes, then for either case make sure you include a column called "color" with either a friendly HTML color name (e.g. "red") or another HTML color spec (e.g. #FF0000)

I hope this makes sense. Its a bit confusing compared to normal visualizations.

here is a sample search you can run as an example:

|makeresults count=3 
| streamstats count as rowid 
| eval path = case(rowid==1,"a---b---c",rowid==2,"c---d",true(),"") 
| eval node = if(rowid==3,"b","") 
| eval color = case(rowid==1,"red",rowid==2,"green",true(),"orange")

Examine the tabular output of this, then test it with the vis to see what has changed.

All the best,

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