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Is it possible to send the entire result set in a single email to all to all the recipients whose ID is a part of the result set instead of sending out individual emails using sendresults?


I'm using sendresults command to send an email with a result set in a tabular form to a group of people. This group of people depends on a condition. So basically its not a fixed group of people that will receive the email every time.

Now, if I use xyz."", where xyz is the field containing the ID of the individual , the result set (row/rows) corresponding to a particular ID are sent to that individual's email address based on the email_to field.
What I want is for the entire result set to get emailed to all the IDs which the xyz field contains in a single email depending on the list of IDs that are under the xyz field.
for example
xyz color flower
jim red rose
rita blue orchid
ben yellow sunflower

I want the whole result set above to be sent as a single email to jim,ben and rita using sendresults.
Please advise.

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Thanks for using sendresults!

There is no flag/setting/option that will make it behave the way you are describing, but you can get it to work by having the email_to field be a comma separated list of the email addresses you want the results to go to.

Sendresults uses the email_to field as the key for grouping the rows and then when the emails are sent, it processes the field as a list.

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