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Is Palo Alto Networks App version 4.2.1 compatible with Splunk 6.3.1?

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We are currently running Palo Alto Networks App version 4.2.1 with Splunk 6.2.2.
We are thinking of upgrading to Splunk 6.3.1.
Do we need to upgrade Palo Alto Networks App first?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hey @wsnyder2 you do not need to upgrade the Palo Alto App first for it to work with 6.3.1 (provided it was configured properly in your Splunk 6.2 environment) .
That said, with the release of the v.5.0.0 of the Palo Alto Networks for Splunk app there is now an upgrade guide:
Highlights are that there is now a TA (Technology Add-On) bundled with the app - this makes deployment more flexible. That said read the upgrade guide thoroughly as there changes like which index the TA writes to by default (no more "pan_logs" index).
Are you also an Enterprise Security user?

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Hello. App version 4.2.1 should work fine with Splunk 6.3.x. However, it hasn't specifically been tested. App version 4.2.2 and 5.0.0 have been fully tested with Splunk 6.3.x.

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