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Integration with HP Operation Manager and/or ServiceNow

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Our primary client in the company that has around 1600 servers, would like to Integrate with HP Operation Manager and or ServiceNow.

Currently we plan to issue from Splunk a scripted alert to the HP Operation Manager. This will reside HPOM as an open alert and based on a set of rules a ServiceNow incident will be generated, if needed. Other notifications will be generated as needed.

We are aware of the existence of the ServiceNow app but what we truly need is a clean integration with HPOM.

We put together the integration via the scripted alert as documented below. However passing these parameters to the script is a bit challenging and seems to be insufficient capabilities because we are being limited to a set of eight per-defined variables.

Any ideas?

Configure a script for an alert action

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Service Now worked with Splunk to write an app and a modular input that works well. I've used it in the past:

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