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IBM Websphere configuration

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We are trying to set up your application Splunk4JMX with our websphere 7 but we are having some troubles.
By now we don’t have any specific error in the logs but the index still empty, can you tell us how did you get it to work with websphere as you noted in the documentation?
By example sharing your config.xml file and which jar file we should add to the library folder in order to be sure that everything work?
Or how can we troubleshoot it.

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Firstly , try to connect to your WAS 7 instance's JMX server using JConsole (a tool that is part of the JDK).

There is plenty of HOWTO literature for this online regarding enabling JMX in WAS and how to setup and connect from your JMX client.

Once you can do this and browse the available MBeans in JConsole , then use the JMX URL you used in JConsole in your config.xml file.
Also take any custom jar files you used and copy these to jmx_ta/bin/lib.

If you are still having problems , then work through the troubleshooting steps in the docs :

alt text

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