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I don't know this error message .. Splunk for Windows? Summary Index?



I don't know this error message

The search scheduler is disabled by the license that Splunk is using.Scheduled searches that populate the summary index were found, they will not be executed - this might impact load times for dashboards that depend on the summary index.

  1. splunk install(splunk-4.2.4-110225-x86-release)
  2. splunk-manager-Forwarding and receving
  3. License group chage => Forwarder Lic
  4. splunk for windows App upload
  5. error message

Why does the message of this error appear?

I want know how to disappear message.


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What you probably want is the Universal Forwarder.

The Universal Forwarder is a lightweight program that sits on a machine and forwards event, performance or custom data to an indexer. An indexer is a Splunk server (the one that you installed) that receives and indexes the data. It also then allows you to search through this data.

In your case I would suggest you install a Universal forwarder on the machine you want to receive log data from and then an indexer on a second machine. If you just have the one machine you could install the Splunk indexer onto the machine and instead of configuring forwarding/receiving you could configure data inputs

On a Splunk server you can install "Apps". An App is basically a pre-defined collection of searches, charts, eventtypes and more that explicitly relate to its purpose. In this case there is a Windows App that is designed to help you make more sense out of event log and performance data without having to do the leg work yourself.
The basic idea is that you install this "App" onto an indexer and it then allows you to search on the indexed data.


Splunk for Windows App is supposed to be installed on splunk index server, not forwarder. Forwarder license is valid on just forwarder server. I think you need to install Windows App on splunk index server. Forwarder license does not support scheduled search function, so the error message appear.

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