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How to use website input app?


I have downloaded the website input app for getting data from the website , so i have filled the details as per required, however the process didn't fetch any data. If anyone could guide how to get data from this site, would be extremely helpful. Also, if any other app is able to do such things then please suggest.

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Path Finder

Review this link
And also review this link

When you configure the input for the website input app the third part on the gui called Define CSS Selector. You want to create you CSS Selector to extract data from the page.

For example if you want the header. Click on the selector box and type h1 and then click on preview result. It will show you the result broken down to a field and a value. match and then the value (Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations)

In your case let's say you want Name, Market Cap, Price, Volume(24h) , Circulating Supply, Change(24)

  • Simply Select the Bitcoin Tab and it will be highlighted while holding the shift key
  • Next select the Change value first tab and it will extract all the values you want
  • An alternative is that you can just enter .no-wrap in the selector tab and it will show you the columns it will extract
  • Hit the preview output to see what your results will look like.

Once you are done just answer the prompts to the rest of the boxes and that is it you can then use the extracted data to perform searches. Have fun with the crypto market 🙂

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