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How to use TABS module to achieve the following?



My dash board should have three tabs,Say TABA, TABB, TABC

A should have 2 tables TableA and TableB
TABB should have 1 chart 1 table
C should have 2 charts.

I have went through side view example app, that shows only ways to pause selected tabs value to same query.

My requirement is to show different data under different tabs.

How can i achieve this?



Re: How to use TABS module to achieve the following?


In Sideview Utils the Tabs module is just a UI control. You can think of it just like the Pulldown module - it can render zero or more static tabs, and on top of that zero or more dynamic tabs (ie it can use search result rows to render tab values and labels).

So the Tabs documentation is really only talking about that functionality.

If you want to switch out which sets of charts and tables are active and visible, based on a selected value coming from a Tabs or from a Pulldown or whatever, then in Sideview Utils you use a different module called "Switcher".

Check out "Module Documentation > Advanced Modules > The Switcher Module" for more information about the Switcher.

The example that is used on that Switcher example page uses a Pulldown, but it says that you can easily use a Tabs module instead and it works the same.

For other people reading this question the Switcher module has only been out since 2.0, you can get the latest version (2.2.2) from the Sideview website ( ) and the version on Splunkbase wont have it because it's quite old (1.3.6)

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