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How to troubleshoot why no data is populating in the Cisco Networks App for Splunk Enterprise?


I have installed a Cisco Networks App for Splunk Enterprise in order to monitor the Cisco devices. However, I installed everything (Apps in Search Head and add-ons in both SH and indexers), but no result could be seen in the app dashboards. Anyone can help?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

First, make sure your Cisco data is getting to your indexers... Go to the search screen and run "index=. If this does not return results, check your inputs.conf where this TA was installed on your forwarder.

Second (if you are getting Cisco data to your indexer(s), go to Settings -> Access Controls -> Roles and then select the role assigned to the user you have having this issue with. Under the "Indexes searched by default" and "Indexes" sections at the bottom of this screen, either add the Cisco specific indexes to the "selected" columns or just add "All non-internal indexes" to both columns. The app performs searches on the sourcetypes from the TA's and needs access to the indexes by default, so if the app doesn't have default search access to the indexes, there will be no results found/returned for the dashboards.

Hope this helps...

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Path Finder

Are you pointing your syslogs at it?

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