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How to successfully flow JMX monitoring data from IBM Liberty app server into Splunk?

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I'm relatively new to Splunk, embarking upon my first use of the tool. Briefly, I need to perform JMX monitoring of a number of IBM Liberty application servers. To jump-start my skills, I'm starting with a small VMware-based environment that is hosted on a laptop. This environment includes two Liberty servers, each of which I wished to set up for monitoring.

I'm having problems getting data to flow from my Liberties into Splunk. I describe what I've done below. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

First, I'm attempting to set up local monitoring. For remote monitoring, Liberty uses a REST-based connector which the Splunk Add-on for Java Management Extensions doesn't support (at least not yet). So, remote monitoring isn't an option, at least not for now.

To configure Liberty for JMX monitoring, I followed the directions described here: I'm assured that my Liberties are sharing their JMX Beans info, because I'm able to connect JConnect to the app servers and use JConnect to perform some basic monitoring.

Using the Splunk Add-on for Java Management Extensions, I created a couple of server definitions. No problems with this step. I connected to the application servers using the same connection URLs that I had used with JConnect. The URLs were extracted from log files that Liberty generates to report the connection URLs.

I then created a couple of data inputs, using the previously-created servers and the provided data extraction templates that pull all information from all active JMX beans on the server.

I'm getting no events reported in the jmx_splunk index that I created for managing the data.

I've checked the splunkd and the jmx log files. Nothing stands out as signalling a problem.

Do you have any illuminating questions or ideas of triage steps that I should take?

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