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How to search for the most expensive searches

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I have been asked to create a search that will provide the most costly searches that are run. I know from reading other posts that I can get this from the SOS app. But I haven't found the search that provides this information. I also need to add it to a dashboard.

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

It really depends what you consider to be an "expensive" search!

Is a search that uses several gigabytes of physical memory expensive? If yes, you might want to check the "Top 20 memory-consuming searches" panel in the "CPU/Memory Resource Usage" view to identify such searches.

Is a search that runs for several hours expensive? If yes, you should probably take a look at the "Search Usage Patterns" view.

Finally, for a higher-level view of your search workload, I would recommend to start with the "Search Activity" view.

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