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How to resolve this error: The "id" field found in app.conf does not match the root folder of the application?


While adding the Splunk App to Splunk Base I am getting Error : 


The "id" field found in app.conf does not match the root folder of the application


My config: 

is_configured = 0
install_source_checksum = xxxxx

author = Abhinav Ranjan
description = AccuKnox App for Splunk lets AccuKnox customers and KubeArmor users send alerts from Feeder or
Workflows to visualize the data in the AccuKnox Splunk dashboards.
AccuKnox, CNAPP that just works, from Build to Runtime.
See what your applications are really doing and Automatically generate Zero Trust, least privilege
policies to continuously monitor and protect your Network, Application and Data.
version = 1.0.0

id = SplunkforAccuKnox

is_visible = 1
label = AccuKnox

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The "id" attribute in the [package] stanza must be the app's directory name, in this case the app would be stored in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/SplunkforAccuKnox.  If the directory name in the tarball doesn't match the "id" attribute then the app will not be installed.

Also, the install_source_checksum setting must be removed before installation.

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