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How to resolve "HTTP 400 Bad request" error when creating JMS input with HTTP Event Collector mode?

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Anyone having any luck with creating JMS Input with HEC (HTTP Event Collector) mode (output_type)?

I am getting HTTP 400 Bad request error when the messages are sent to the queue.
Below is my Input.
Let me know if i am doing anything wrong.


[ jms://queue/queue_name] 
browse_frequency = -1
browse_mode = all 
browse_queue_only = 0
destination_pass = password
destination_user = username 
durable= 0 
hec_batch_mode = 0 
hec_https = 1 
hec_port = 8088 
hec_token = token
index = hadoopmon
index_message_header = 0
index_message_properties = 0 
init_mode  = jndi 
jms_connection_factory_name = SplunkQConnectionFactory 
jndi_initialcontext_factory = com.sun.jndi.fscontext.RefFSContextFactory
jndi_pass = password
jndi_provider_url = binding file location
jndi_user = username
message_handler_impl = com.splunk.modinput.jms.custom.handler.BodyOnlyMessageHandler
output_type = hec 
source = queue/queue_name
sourcetype = hadoopmon_dev
strip_newlines = 1
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We found the issue at our side. Un check - Indexer acknowledgement.

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Did you find any solution to this issue. unfortunately, we have the same problem .:(


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