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How to make my splunk enterprise site accessible via splunk mobile app?


Hi, We have our splunk enterprise 6.6.1 instance in windows server and we are able to access the instance from browser using the url.
We want to access the same instance via mobile app (android/ios). Can some one help us how to achieve it. We tried to access the instance via mobile app and received the error message "Login Failed, contact your system Administrator".
FYI. We haven't done anything specific to mobile app access in our windows server.



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Ideally, you will want to create a dedicated search head which you locate in your DMZ, and secure appropriately as elements of it will need to be exposed to the internet.

Then install the Mobile App Addon on your DMZ search head - which allows you to control the security and permissions for your mobile users. - Add your dashboards, reports etc, and decide what to share with mobile users.

You can install the app on your existing 'internal' SH, but you will need to find some way to 'publish' this to the world.
Normal cautionary words of wisdom apply (dont do this,..... make sure you understand..., make sure that you.... be REALLY sure that.... etc)

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Hi Nick,

I am planning to install a SH in DMZ. I wonder what steps I should follow.



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Hello @mohan_ac did this help you? If you found it useful, please be sure to accept/upvote any posts which helped, as it provides useful feedback for future viewers of your question. Good luck!

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