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How to install *Nix app


Hi gang,
I have been trying to install the newer Splunk App for Unix and Linux (5.0.0) on my Splunk recievers. I tried "upgrading" the Nix 4.6 and also tried to install it by itself. The download file from Splunk is a zip file, I was expecting a .tgz file. When I try to install or upgrade from the Splunk GUI, it just gives me a /etc ? app. This directory called etc does get loaded under /opt/splunk/etc/apps. I am not sure how to get this to work. I have NIX 4.6 working fine and have the SplunkTAnix running fine on my forwarders.

I am running Splunk 6.0 on my receivers and forwarders.

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Re: How to install *Nix app


You need to extract the contents of the zip. You cant install it directly or you will see the /etc app listed.

The instructions are listed here

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Re: How to install *Nix app


I have had the same problem.

Turns out: The Splunk for *NIX app version 5.0.0 is broken.

The fix is to install version 5.0.1 -- You may have to manually delete the "...etc/apps/etc" folder.

I realize this is an old posting, but still want to point out the problem with 5.0.0.

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