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How to import Google spreadsheet that is in a Team Drive?


I need to import a spreadsheet that is in a Team Drives.
I followed the steps specified in and set a data input.

When I do this search:
index=_internal (service_account_keys AND sourcetype=splunk_web_service) OR (sourcetype=google_spreadsheet_modular_input)

I get these results:
WARNING Unable to access the spreadsheet, make sure the service account has been granted access to this file; spreadsheet_title=Name of the spreadsheet, help_url=

The user account has read permissions on the file.
Could someone import files from a Team Drives at some point?

Thanks in advance!


Hello Gonzalo,

Were you able to solve this problem?

I have the same problem today. 

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I dont think you can import a google spreadsheet in a team drive, but you can import the google spreadsheet in "My Drive" in Splunk. Hope it helps.

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Hi @yahuja
I have set up google import/export app.
What is the process of importing a google drive file in Splunk as inputlookup?

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You can't setup import with team drive but if you have a spreadsheet you want to import from standard google drive you can set it up after installing the app by following these steps:

1.) Go to Apps -> Manage apps -> Find google drive and click "Set up". Follow the instructions to setup a google service account key. You'll get an email address from Splunk which you should then share with the google spreadsheet so Splunk has read access.
2.) Create a lookup file (to be overwritten by google sheets) "| makeresults | outputlookup mylookup.csv"
3.) Settings -> Data inputs -> Google spreadsheet -> New -> Input the title of the spreadsheet and sheet you're interested in ingesting. Select the lookup you created in step 2 as well as a Name/Interval.

Now if you search "| inputlookup mylookup.csv" you should see results. Hope this helps!

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