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How to get encrypted password fields during modular input parameters validation?

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Hi all,

I am stuck in a very unfortunate condition. I am developing a modular input (using Splunk Add-on builder) that takes two input parameters, a Base URL and an API key. I am interested in validating both in my validate_input by sending a request to our server and if the response is good, then let the user save the input parameters. The problem is that my API key input parameter is of type password and in my validate_input method, I am only able to get its encrypted value in the form of ***********. How can I get its plain value so that I can use it to send request to the server? Here's my sample code for the validate_input method.

def validate_input(helper, definition):
    """Implement your own validation logic to validate the input stanza configurations"""
    # This example accesses the modular input variable
    snx_base_url = definition.parameters.get('snx_base_url', None)
    snx_api_key = definition.parameters.get('snx_api_key', None)

Please point me in a direction that can help me achieve the above. I shall be highly thankful to you!


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From what I understand, if you just mark it as a password type input, it does not actually store the input encrypted in passwords.conf, just masks it on the screen.

What worked for me is setting up a global account (checkbox in add-on builder), this gives us a way to enter a username and password, which are then encrypted in passwords.conf.  To retreive, use helper.get_arg("credential_name"), where credential_name is what you call the input where the user selects which credential to use.  HTH

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I do not have experience doing this programmatically, but the command below is the CLI version of what you're looking for. It may help (be sure to enclose the value in tick marks as in the example)...

/opt/splunk/bin/splunk show-decrypted --value 'pass4Symmkey_value_here'
An upvote would be appreciated and Accept Solution if it helps!
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No use doing it by CLI. Need to do this in my modular input script. Thanks though!

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