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How to extract field from sentence?


I'm trying to write a field extraction to get the number of hung threads on a WebSphere application server. The log statement looks something like:

[6/15/14 11:07:37:103 CDT] 00000003 ThreadMonitor W WSVR0605W: Thread "WebContainer : 21" (000000a3) has been active for 729415 milliseconds and may be hung. There is/are 3 thread(s) in total in the server that may be hung.

I want to key in on the following section: There is/are *3** thread(s)*

If I pipe search results into the rex, the value is successfully extracted into a field called hungthreadcount:

<search criteria> | rex field=_raw \sThere is\/are \(?<hung_thread_count>.*?\) thread"

However, when I manually enter the regex into the interactive field explorer no matches are found when I hit the "test" I have to enter something specific to extract this value into a field?

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Re: How to extract field from sentence?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

you are missing double quoted and they are too many escape characters in the regex, especially on the matching parenthesis.


... | rex field=_raw "There is\/are (?<hung_thread_count>\d+) thread"

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