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How to configure AMQP Messaging Modular Input to poll more than one queue from RabbitMQ and the frequency?

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We need some help with the AMPQ TA and RabbitMQ. We have data being polled from a single queue and need the TA to pull from more and at a greater rate.

In this case, the RabbitMQ has six messaging queues. We are only polling one and at a very low rate. We are unsure of the performance of the messaging modular input, however, we do know that we are not collecting all events from the single queue.

The questions are:

What setting need to be added to allow the TA to pull from more then one queue?
How can I increase the polling interval and data set size?

Any help is appreciated!

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1) to setup multiple queues is easy. Just setup more stanzas , 1 stanza = 1 queue. They will all run as individual threads in the same JVM.

2) on scale , without scientific metrics to go off to give you accurate advice , I would suggest reading this blog in the first instance. Also this presentation , particularly from slide 20 might be of interest as on older alternative way to scale out.

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