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How to Set Varying Limit of Events Generated per Hour in SA-Eventgen to Emulate a Pattern from 1 Line of Sample?


Hi, Folks.

Say, I have a file with 1 line of sample text. My goal is to emulate patterns like this:

1 AM = 10 events
2 AM = 10 events
3 AM = 15 events
4 AM = 20 events
1 PM = 1000 events
2 PM = 1200 events
3 PM = 700 events
4 PM = 300 events

and so forth.

I understand that I can use the likes of minuteOfHourRate, hourOfDayRate, etc to have this kind of pattern IF I have sample files with multiple lines of sample event in it.

Is it possible to do the same if I only have 1 line in my sample file? Please advise.

Thank you.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

It should be fine to get it work though I have not tested it. But why do you provide only one line sample file, it is not hard to provide a multiple lines sample file.

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