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How do you reset the password via the Splunk DB connect app?

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I have a splunkappsdbconnect installed in my environment with dbidentities, dbconnections and dbinput configured in order to pump in the logs from our database into Splunk.

Currently, I'm attempting to do a password reset for the db_identities. But however, after changing, it seems ok for a while but then the account went locked out. I suppose there is the backend job that may have stored and queried my old password.

Are there any passwords at the backend that i'll have to change after changing those at the GUI level (via db_identities)? Or is there any way that i can update the new password completely to prevent account lock out?

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Is the connection able to get data with the account?
What i have noticed is that copy and pasting a password (even from notepad) will not work and it got one of our users locked. By manually typing in the password and then saving it we no longer had the issue.

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